Game Dev Tycoon Guide for Employee Allocation

Published on by Ricky

The Game Dev Tycoon is possibly one of the most unique games that are available on the internet because of its goal and features. It requires attention to detail with regards to the composition and creation of the games in order to make a positive output. Employee allocation is one of the things that require attention. Below are some of the reminders about the employee allocation. Hopefully you can learn something from this guide.

  • Employee Assignment - Certain employees can be assigned to specific fields starting from the games with size medium and up. The nine fields should be assigned to only one employee.
  • Employee get’s “used up” – employees are “used up” on the projects at different rates depending on their game size. For the allocated percent of the time in a field, the assigned employee will receive the same percentage of usage.
  • Experience Bonus – 30% experience bonus will be rewarded for good management when any of the employees is not overloaded with assignments. However, this does not give any effect to the review scores.
  • Employee Overloading – overloading an employee gives lower points in the Design and Technology.
  • Assigning the right employee – assigning the right person that fits perfectly to the specific field will generate higher overall design/tech points.